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About Us!

A team of professionals having 12 years of experience in Magento 1 and Magento 2. The last version of Magento 2 we worked is Magento Commerce 2.3.2-p2. We are new as seller but not new to Magento 1 & 2. We made B2B and B2C custom modules without affecting core code of Magento. We started off with our own effort to bring great solutions to Magento. Our niche market is smaller to medium retailers who need low priced but best solutions! Our team worked on Standard and Cloud editions of Magento with almost all versions. Get our free consultation to get a site audit and contact us.


Store Development from Scratch

Give us your few hours to finish discovery phase of your stores. Requirement Gathering and recommendation of solutions and customizations. Creative storyboards and Front End Development. Selection of Magento extensions along with custom code - the best combination. Launch your store before Holidays! Get ready to offer discounts.

Cart & Checkout Optimizers

Sales-closing Practice recommenders for cart and checkout. Magento Server and Application Tuning for better eCommerce Flow. Finding, detecting and resolving anomalies for seamless checkout experience. Provide us your long-pending list of bugs by getting our bucket of prepaid hours. Resolve eCommerce issues of your site and get more orders

Customer UX Journey Optimizers

Understanding and Recommending your site’s UX Journey. Detecting and Resolving Performance Issues arisen from JS and Ajax calls. Bundling and Merging of JS in our way! Try us. Assessing and Fixing your site’s page elements to get better rendering order. Seamless workflow and advise to accommodate better customer UX journey

External Services and Integration

Do you need a better integration with your ERP, Accounting System and Inventory? Orders, shipment and inventory synchronization via Magento Integration API. Need help in product catalog, import/expert and rationalizing product attributes. Any trouble-making custom or third party modules bothering you? Tell us!! We will clear the mess!

Performance - The Primer!

We optimize your code for app performance. We will talk to your server team to check our recommended list of settings. What metrics you want to use to see your site performance? Google Lighthouse, PageSpeed, YSlow or Pingdom - We will take anyone and show you your site between 80% to 100% - Try us! Or we will refund 100%

Maintain my site, please!

Have your site audited to evaluate us. We won’t charge for first report. Touch everything - UX Journey, eCommerce flow, Performance, Code and Server. Call us - Our form is boring. Don’t type the details. Send us your schedule, we will call you. Not satisfied with your development team - Talk to us. We can train them or we can work with them.


(Our Development Process) to be provided by me (url: /magento-development)

We are an Agile Project Team. Magento 2 Developers, Front End UX, Testers and Requirement Gathering Analysts. Successfully launched various Magento Cloud, Enterprise and Community Projects and implemented a good number of complex solutions and integrated with ERPs and Payment solutions. We are experienced and Certified Magento geeks! For Magento 2 we went through the entire training programs to get up to speed with the new infrastructure and best practices. While developing Magento 2 Theme Pearl, we had a phenomenal hands-on experience facing many challenges but we always managed to overcome!


Ready to start your next project with us? Give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

+92 21 36672430
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